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In addition to our offer, we decided to organize the tournament! This year we have organized an international tournament called VOLLEY TREND TOURNAMENT 2014 . which was held 21-22 August in Kosjerić! The tournament was attended by six teams: Moskwa 1, 2 Moskwa, OK Železničar from Lajkovca, OK from Valjevo, Valjevo, Valjevo OK, OK King of Belgrade. We hope that this event will become a tradition and will be held every year!

Agency "Volley Trend" offers among other things has to offer and organize tournaments in the country and abroad. Our experiences and acquaintances in the life and work so far in volleyball streamed We focus in organization of the tournament for youth teams, and senior team !!! Only in 2014, which for us, we jointly organized tournaments in Greece, Athens (January 2014), France, Mulhouse (May 2014) and Serbia in Senta (August 2014).

All tournaments international character were pioneer, cadet and junior. In addition to the competition, much attention has been devoted to socializing, sports fun and new acquaintances that can grow into a friendship for life! Only these three tournaments attended by 280 athletes in the three age categories, and half of them were accounted for just volleyball players from Serbia!

No need to waste words and describe how all of this is important for the young athlete, how important it is to try and show his abundant talent and knowledge gained working in Serbia and our clubs at these tournaments across Europe. We plan the organization of international tournaments in the following European countries (cities):

- Greece (Thessaloniki, Athens)

- Slovenia (Ljubljana)

- Hungary (Budapest)

- Bulgaria (Sofia)

- France (Mulhouse)

- Montenegro (Bar, Budva)

- Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)

- Croatia (Zagreb, Split)

- Italy (White)

Also, VOLLEY TREND organizing and preparing the team in these zemljama.Iz this reason, if you are interested in international tournaments and traveling around Europe, we invite you to contact us! Of course, all need to be on time and inform us how everything could be well planned and prepared. Tournaments are at various intervals throughout the year.

Our experience gives us the right to guarantee you a good organization that includes transport + accommodation + left + accompaniment of a doctor during the whole trip, and your task is only to show your volleyball skills!

With Volley Trend Travel, play, enjoy and learn about EUROPE !!!