The municipality of Kosjerić is located in Western Serbia, half way between Valjevo and Uzice. Encompasses the upper watershed and river Skrapež and Kladorobe itself, to the North, on the slopes of the two mountains: Maljenu (1102 m) and Povlenu (1346 m). To the South, the municipality of Kosjerić reaches elevations of mountains there are long (800 m) and Fir Up. Kosjerić is the town in which you can easily and quickly reach. Of Valjevo is situated 46 km, 47 km from the City is located 136 km from Belgrade and 340 km of the Montenegrin coast.

The main road through Kosjeric which, in the North, makes the link with Podrinjem, the Duke, and, further, with Central and Eastern Europe. In the South, this time, shortly after the City, split into two directions: one to the South, and the second towards Central Adriatic Sea. An exceptional geographical location in Kosjeric confirms and proximity to long-known tourist destinations in this region, Zlatibor (56 km) and Divčibara (26 km). The territory of the municipality of Kosjerić belongs to hilly and mountainous region of Western Serbia. Above sea level in this area range from 340 m in the North to 1347 m above sea level. Relief is, to a large extent, broken down the valleys of river flows. The most favourable grounds for development, from the point of view of above sea level, extend the river Skrapež, where are situated villages and municipal Center in Kosjeric 420 m above sea level. The climate of the area is temperate continental, with the influence of subplaninske environment. The mean temperature in the coldest month of January is around-3 C, and the hottest July around 7 c. Annual amount of precipitation is about 800 mm, and has over 2000 hours of sunshine a year. So, it is a dvojakoj climate. It's the climate characteristics of space of small height (up to 600 m above sea level) and climate characteristics of mountains of middle height. The first is suitable for a stay in the nature and treatment of chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, gall stones, diabetes, recovery after a heart attack, for nervous and seniors. The main feature of the sedative effects of peanut butter on the human body. Environment in Kosjeric is rich in water. There are a number of sources, rivers and streams, springs and rečica, the idyllic image of this area makes it even better.

Basic Camp

Basic Camp A basic camp arrange­ment includes: • 5 full boards,6 days at Hotel Olympic, Kosjeric • Accom­mo­da­tion in two bed and three bed rooms with a bath­room, TV, internet • The camp will...

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Camp+ VOLLEY TREND has provided specialized way of individual work Individual program is designed for players older than 12 years. That program is primarily intended for removing irregularities in the basic...

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Camp Trainers’ Education

Camp Trainers’ Education Among the other things, Volley Trend Camp organizes educational camp for trainers of all ages and categories. A unique working program has been designed and organized for trainers...

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Individual preparation

Individual preparation Agency Volley Trend organize and prepare individual players with an emphasis on physical education in pre-competitive period, as well as the competition Perid, and this applies to players who...

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Camp of physical preparation

Camp of physical preparation Analyzing the work camp in the last four years we have come to the conclusion that in our camp program is introduced and individual physical training...

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Injury Recovery Camp

Injury Recovery Camp Agency Volley Trend within Volley Trend camp organizes camps for athletes recover from injuries. Volley Trend camp organized by shifts exclusively to recover and female players from sports...

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Pro Camp

Pro Camp This is an individual program intended for players aged 18 or more. The purpose of the program is removing the faults in players’ game, learning technical elements and self-improvement.   Create...

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Club Camp

Club Camp Day by day people’s ambitions grow, just like Volley Trend Agency itself. The new idea of our company is players’ and team preparation, whether it comes to team or...

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Tournaments In addition to our offer, we decided to organize the tournament! This year we have organized an international tournament called VOLLEY TREND TOURNAMENT 2014 . which was...

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