VOLLEY TREND has provided specialized way of individual work Individual program is designed for players older than 12 years. That program is primarily intended for removing irregularities in the basic elements of volleyball, and volleyball training finesse techniques.

CAMP PLUS includes: the basic package + individual trainings

The aim of CAMP PLUS program is for young volleyball players with a basic plan which is intended to camp additional individual work with top coaches on technical and tactical elements of volleyball, that with the theoretical and practical work to remove the deficiencies in the technique of playing, toes, hammer, instrument technique spike, services, as well as elements of the block and defense fields. The analysis of each camper and their monitoring through the training process of the camp, expert training team camp will recognize the shortcomings of the technical and tactical elements and give all of myself to them with the latest training methods adjusted within plus CAMP program. CAMP PLUS is a unique program, which is focused on the position of the player on his team.

CAMP PLUS includes:

1.Extra training of 60 minutes, which will be held after the afternoon practice

2. Training organized by the position of the team

3.Six additional trainings of 60 minutes

4.Grupu which can be a minimum of three and a maximum of five campers

5. To Camp at the end of the program plus each camper receives a report from the coach

6.All training sessions are held in the sports hall

7.CAMP plus can not log campers younger than 12 years


With the above program, each player can do much to improve their quality through individual work. Plus Camp will be held in parallel with the standard campsite in one shift - 24.07 - 02.08.2020.

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Arrangement Camping Plus includes:

• 9 full pension, 10 days at Olympic - Kosjerić

• Accommodation in double and triple rooms with private bath, TV, internet

• Camp will be held in four shifts

• The use of the pool for the duration of stay camp

• Training in the sports hall - 2 times a day (morning and evening).

• The number of players in the group 12-15

• Type of balls: MIKASA MVA 200

• Surface: hardwood floors

• 3 meals + snacks (increased eating)

• Gift shorts and T-shirt + a surprise gift

• Announcement of the best male and female

• Supervision of doctors and physical therapists, 24 hours for the duration of the camp

• Motor testing and fundamental morphological measurements (each camper at the end of shift report in print)

• Expert lecture on the basic principles of volleyball elements

• The camp will be managed by top experts from national and international experience

• Entertainment

• Report at the end of the shift in hard copy from Camp Plus

• Awards for all participants of the camp plus



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